Just published: The Overland Expo interviews

On a separate page, Overland Expo 2011, I have just published the interviews produced from that event. Listen to Roseann Hanson talk about the Expo. Nicole Espinosa talks about being a single mom and start manufacturing a dual sport motorcycle accessory product. Ted Simon and Carla King talk about their adventures and books. Ara Gureghian talks about his journal, The Oasis of My Soul. Eric Hougen talks about his company Wolfman Luggage.

It’s all on the Overland Expo 2011 page.


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  1. Brent, it’s been ages since I responded here, so I feel I had better do so before you believe I haven’t been paying attention!

    I’m enjoying the series regarding Overland Expo. I am planning to attend in 2012, providing the world agrees with me that I SHOULD be there! Thank you for your tireless efforts with the photo work, journalism, and video-graphy! (Is that even a word? If it isn’t, it should be!)

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