Holding off to the last minute on Valentine’s Day

I shopped early because my valentine was leaving town on business. So we had an early Valentine’s Day. I was surprised though to learn how many wait until the last minute to think of Valentine’s Day.


Needing a few groceries, I headed up to the local grocery store, which was very well stocked for those last minute shoppers—mostly men, but not all. The number of men walking around with bunches of flowers resembled fans headed to the hot dog and beer stand at the ball park between innings. Everyone was in a hurry and on a mission.

Floral department staff was tripled for this day, ladies helping men pick out bouquets of roses, pink carnations, or daisies, although I can’t imagine anybody buying anything other than red roses on this day. The Hallmark Valentine’s Day card display had been moved to the floral department making it a one-stop shopping. Racks of wine stood at the ready nearby. The bakery department had an assortment of cakes and cupcakes decorated with red, white and pink frosting or decorated with red hearts.

Yes, it’s a busy day for men to do the right thing on Valentine’s Day to show your loved one how much you care. I bought my roses five days ago so they could be enjoyed by my love before departing on her business trip. She took a single rose with her. After she left, I found a Valentine’s Day card under my pillow on the bed.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is a blessed one with lots of love. If you are really lucky, as I am, you will know Valentine’s Day every day of the year.


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