Storm creates winter wonderland

December 29, 2012 Landscapes

Here in Cincinnati, 2-4 inches of snow produces a flurry of closings and delays. In northern Indiana, most school and business closings occur when there’s at least 6 inches of snow, or more. But, it’s still a beautiful landscape. Brent

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Arrival of Winter

December 11, 2012 Fine Art Photography

Usually, winter weather arrives in November. But, here it is approaching mid December, and the weather is just turning cold. Cold enough to threaten snow. Maybe tonight. Brent

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Rainbow over Ohio

December 30, 2011 Landscapes

Ever feel like life is a little dreary? All it takes is a rainbow to make you smile. See you on the highway! Brent

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Just another routine of winter

January 24, 2011 Fine Art Photography

The silence of the snow falling is interrupted by the sound of the snow shovel. Scraaaaap, swoosh. Scraaaaaap, swoosh. Crossing the drive back and forth and clearing a path on the sidewalk until the layer of snow has been removed. Boots stomp on the garage floor, shaking off clinging snow and then the garage door […]

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