Photography Workshop Session 3

March 6, 2014 Photojournalism

Below is the abstract of today’s Veteran’s Photography Workshop lesson plan. The assignment is at the bottom. Two types of light meters: Reflective: Measure how much light bounces off a subject. Most cameras have this type of meter and it calculates the scene and the amount of light to produce a medium grey or average […]

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Photography Workshop Session 2

February 20, 2014 Photojournalism

Below is the abstract of today’s lesson plan. The assignment is at the bottom. The Photographer and the Law: A quick review. Copyright: Generally, the photographer owns the images, unless it is a work for hire situation. All is negotiable. Know your rights and who owns what before shooting and turning over images. Privacy: Invasion […]

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How many angry Veterans are there?

February 17, 2014 Sojourn Chronicles

The volunteer stood at the corner of intersecting hallways to give directions and assistance, but one young Veteran was not satisfied with that. Anger spewed from his mouth, as if the whole world was out to get him, he needed to take the elevator to another floor. Eight or nine men, most likely all Veterans […]

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A Photography Workshop for Veterans

February 8, 2014 Photojournalism

Next Tuesday, I am going to lead a photography workshop created for a group of Cincinnati Veterans. I’m excited about the opportunity to do a little teaching. Hoping for some feedback, and maybe your participation, I am going to post the workshop syllabus here, probably in shortened form. You can follow along, and participate on […]

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Take a Warrior Fishing

June 9, 2013 Destination

Caesar Creek Lake, Waynesville, OH—The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the managers of Caesar Creek Lake, decided to put on a new event, Take a Warrior Fishing. They enlisted dozens of volunteers, many with boats, and helped the Veterans take a morning out on the lake fishing for the big ones. At lunch time, everyone […]

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Veterans Day 2012

November 11, 2012 Destination

National Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio. Originally called Armistice Day, this day commemorates the end of World War I with the Treaty signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month of 1918. It was the war to end all wars. Veterans Day honors all Veterans who have served in the US Armed […]

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Pilgrimage to The Wall

July 4, 2012 Destination

Washington, D.C. For some time, I have wanted to go to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. I have visited before, but have never visited with a mission. And so, riding to The Wall became my personal pilgrimage, and maybe closure. The proximity of the Moto Guzzi National Rally made it more possible. I […]

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