Magnificence of Solitude

The highway disappears over the horizon in the desert.
Someone built this highway, but there are no houses along its path.
No other vehicles are visible, nor have been for some time.

Mountains in the distance. Sagebrush and cactus along the road.
A summer thunderstorm refreshes the earth to the west.
The rains wash off the dust and release the aroma of the desert.

The solitude is magnified, magnificent and spiritual.
Not only am I traveling alone. I am alone on the highway filled with euphoria.
My peace and well-being conjoins with the smallness of my existence.

See you on the highway.


Just passing through

They have been seen at other times of the day
but usually, they just pass through in the early morning.

There could be three or four, or two, or maybe even one
like this morning, but that was unusual. Or was it?

He seemed older than his antlers suggested.
Big of frame and body, but small in the rack.

Many hunters would probably pass him up
in the hopes of bagging a bigger deer with more points.

Still, he lingered like the wary hunted ever vigilant.
He passed through our yard to the open lots and vanished in the woods.


Growing old gracefully

Sojourn Poetry

There are a few things I have learned
in my travels and as I have matured.

The more education and degrees I earned
the more I realized how little I really knew.

Lots of work experience in different fields
does not necessarily work in one’s favor.

There is value in growing up and staying in one community
for you shall know its history and people.

There is value in moving and migrating to other communities
for you shall experience a bigger world, its residents and culture.

What I have done is not as important as what I am doing,
and I am not as important as I think I am.

It is a very humble feeling to realize
humans are just a speck of sand in the grand scheme of the universe.

And yet, we each are a unique speck of sand
and we are all connected.