The Old Bethel Burial Grounds

Tucked back into the woods on a curve of Ohio SR 350 descending down into the Little Miami River Valley, lies the Old Bethel Burial Grounds. It’s not forsaken, but it’s not cared for on a regular basis like many old and forgotten cemeteries across the nation.




See you on the highway.


Reflecting on 2014

Is it that time already? Another year has passed, and another year older.

It must be an age thing that keeps one reflecting on what has been done or not done as we creep towards that final call.

Bonneyville Mill
Bonneyville Mill, Bristol, Indiana. Est. 1832


One thing I did not do enough of in 2014 was photography. Will this be a resolution. No. I think not. It is a revival and change of direction from what I have been doing going back to what I used to do. Perhaps some documentary work. More writing. More audio production.

It’s time to get on with it.

See you on the highway.