A week without motorcycling, oh my!

I really wanted to ride out to Arizona to attend Overland Expo, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating for leaving the Midwest. Of course, once out here, the weather is fine, just fine. Perfect for riding.

Having a need to sit on a motorcycle, I went window shopping. Well, not window shopping, I actually went inside and sat on a few. The BMW shop is nice, but not exactly what I’m looking for. But, I found exactly what I was looking for at Arizona Superbike and more. Just inside the door sat one of the new Triumph Tiger 800s, a white one.

The salesman, Greg, was quite helpful. The first thing he said was, “Throw a leg over it.” So I did. Comfortable. It sits just a little taller than my V-Strom. The Tiger 800XC would sit just a little taller due to its off-road nature. Everything I’ve read is that this bike is the next big one. Just like the V-Strom 650 has been for the past five years.

Another couple had questions about a different bike, and Greg stepped away. I wandered around the showroom, looking at the rest of the offerings. I turned around a divider wall into another area and my heart stopped. There in front of me were three Moto Guzzi V7 Classics—black, white and one in the Café version green. I took a picture with the camera phone, but the quality was not good, nor the angle. So I grabbed a photo from the Moto Guzzi web site.

I have had thoughts before about flying to Arizona, buying a bike and riding it home. Having ridden the route twice before, it would be easy if the bike had a proper break-in. The dealer told me how I could do that. That’s tempting.

See you on the highway.


Few updates worth mentioning

I’ve been busy the past few days, and there are a few updates worth mentioning. You’ve probably read the Studio News issued this morning. If not, the link to that is in the last post. Take a look, and if you are not a subscriber, go ahead and subscribe. It’s free.

The web site has a new look. I think it’s important to freshen the look from time to time and the best way to do that is to change the header image. The banner image is a crop from my most recent business card. If you don’t have one, ask for it the next time we see each other. I usually freshen the business cards every year, too.

USA for BC 4VistaPrint

The photo side of the card says it all—Words & Images, and Sound … and a little travel too.

Speaking of travel, I’ve been getting the motorcycle ready with a spring tune up.


It’s all back together, and I just finished giving it a shake-down ride. It purrs like a sewing machine, and runs like an antelope. I’m ready for the riding season, although it really never ends for me. It just slows down in the winter.


Riding out with the Hero

The Hero is a unique little video camera, formally known as the GoPro Hero HD. It shoots 1080p, and has become a favorite camera for adventurers. Just take a look at some of the videos on the GoPro web site.

I am continuing to experiment with video and still photography, and if I get a chance to combine that with motorcycling, well, it just makes it better.

So the weather looked great, and I decided to go for a ride and see some of the sights along the way. Primarily, my mission in this short ride was to combine video with still photography. Here is the final version for my experiment.

See you on the highway.


A jewel of a find in video

Every now and then, I run across something that just has to be shared, and this video is one of them. A friend, Steve Williams, who publishes Scooter in the Sticks, found this video. It is a three-minute film, purported to be a true story. It is also a commercial, but you don’t really know that until the end of the film. Produced in Taiwan, it has (poor) English subtitles, but frankly, you don’t even need to read. The story is pretty self explanatory.

I have watched this numerous times, and every time I get a little misty-eyed. Here it is:

Let me know what you think.

See you on the highway.


1st Ride of 2011

Although it rained over night on New Year’s Eve, the weather forecast for the first day of 2011 was promising for the afternoon. And, the forecast was accurate enough to roll the motorcycle out and take a ride on the first day of the year.

See you on the highway.