Sunday Morning in Santa Fe


Blue sky with whiffs of feather-like clouds.
Church bells ringing from the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.
People milling about in the courtyard waiting for the doors to open and Sunday Mass to begin.
Parking attendants with hi-viz vests direct church-going families in their cars to empty parking spaces.
The crowd in the courtyard grows larger then moves inside.
The view from the hotel balcony is peaceful and solemn.


Buckeye Station, US 52, Ohio

Are you one of those drivers who will pull over to read an historical marker along the highway? I am. And, that’s how I found the marker for Buckeye Station.


Buckeye Station was built in 1797, and is the oldest documented structure built in the Northwest Territory of Ohio. Built by General Nathaniel Massie, who founded the first town of Manchester, and a dozen or so more towns including Chillicothe, the first capital of the state of Ohio. Buckeye Station was so named because it was built with the timber from Buckeye trees. Massie was a surveyor and politician.

Buckeye Station sits on the top of the bluff over looking the Ohio River on private property.