The Elkhart Train Station

On a recent visit to Elkhart, Indiana, I wandered around with my camera. Found my way to the train station where I boarded many an Amtrak to Washington, D.C.—the Capital Limited line.






See you on the highway.


Virtual Landscape Comes to the Kitchen

The image caught my eye and I captured it with the camera. But, it feels like cheating to create a landscape caught on the TV screen. Does this count as a landscape?

VR-Landscape 3-31-2018

I need to get out more often with the camera.

See you on the highway.


Life can be like folding laundry

Doing laundry is one of those life chores that is required … if you want to wear clean clothes that is. So when the dryer is done, you fold the clothes and put them away. But what do you do when a sock is missing?


Missing sock? You look for it. Right?

Every now and then, something in our lives goes missing. Could be a person. An activity. A social gathering. A good friend who has passed. You can search for most of those missing items. The good friend who has passed shall  be missed until … until … well … until you pass and meet all those who have gone before.

You can find missing keys. You can find that sewing club you used to attend. You can find that sweet fishing hole that you never told anyone about. You can find that alternative road through rural America that gets you off the interstate that takes you coast to coast where you see practically nothing. All you have to do is look.

Just look, and you shall find.


See you on the highway.